Home Computers and Networking

I can help you with your computer issues, from replacing blown equipment to backing up your files and re-installing Windows and restoring your files, and setting up home networks.

For some clients I can source out gently used laptops and desktops with registered copies of Windows.

Home Media Streaming Devices

Media streaming is the new norm as people move to online life and cancel their cable and satellite services.

An AndoidTV box or Amazon Fire Stick provide a solid platform for streaming. With the addition of a few extra apps you can have access to a wide variety of media.

Linux is the new windows!

If you're willing to try out a new operating system there are plenty of high quality Linix distributions out there waiting for you!  Most Linux distributions will run extremely well on older hardware too. You can still experience web browsers, email clients, ftp clients, most chat programs, web development and gaming! Let me know what you need and we can find a distro that works for you!